StageView visual foldbacks can be used to provide song words for singers, elimitating the need for several music stands or paperwork on the floor, presentation slides for the lecturer/teacher as well as showing video/DVD clips and camera shots etc.
They can also be used independent from the main display screens to provide important notes to the front e.g. speaker notes (autocue), set lists for bands, cue points for drama productions, order of service, vital notices and instructions, timing information (especially useful for conferences and time critical meetings), etc.

StageView visual foldbacks is ideal for concert halls, places of worship, lecture theatres or in fact any venue where those on stage or in show management would benefit from discreet visual information.


  • Speaker Notes/Auto Cue
  • Presentation Slides
  • Song Words
  • Set List
  • Order of Service
  • Timing Info
  • DVD/Video/Camera
  • Stage Messaging
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